246422424684224552346789511552345567895112345523460555045403530252015106055504540353025201510101112131010152025303540451011121314151617181920212223242526271520251415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839403035402829303132333435363738394045505560505560101214Magnificationat 40xat 24xat 24xA feature of First Focal Plane design, also known as FFP, is the reticle scale value does not change over the entire zoom range. Also the point of aim (POA) does not change over the entire zoom range.112018 March ScopesFML-1FMLFMA-1at 5xat 3xat 3xat 40xat 24xat 24xFMA-1FML-1FMA-2at 5xat 3xat 3xFMA-2FML-T1at 5xat 3xat 40xat 24xLOWHIGHfor 5x-40x56mmfor 3x-24x42mm & 3x-24x52mmFirst Focal Plane Reticles FFP Reticle Image

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