AOM10AOM20LILILILIM520M50M520M50φ 1/8 MOAφ 0.1 MILɸ 1/4 MOAɸ 0.1 MIL . . . .. 42242468. 55346789511252345567891110150.5 MIL0.07 MIL0.5 MIL1 MIL1 MIL1 MIL0.2 MIL0.07 MIL1 MIL0.5 MIL0.5 MOA2 MOA0.75 MOA1.5 MOA3 MOA0.4 MIL1 MIL0.04 MIL Square0.2 MIL2019 March ScopesReticle: FML, FML-1, FML-T1Model: D24V42FML, D24V42FIML D24V52FML , D24V52FIMLOthers are the same FMA-11012143x-24x42㎜3x-24x52㎜3x-24x42㎜3x-24x52㎜The March-F is the ideal choice for:- Tactical Shooting- Three Gun Competition - Rifle and Shotgun- Hunting in the toughest conditions- Air Rifle competition and hunting18Adjustment0.1 MIL1 Click Adjustment: 0.1MIL (1cm at 100m)10 MIL turret revolution (100cm at 100m)Zero Set on Elevation turretReticlesFMLFML-11/4 MOA1 Click Adjustment: 1/4MOA (0.26in at 100yds)25 MOA turret revolution (26.18in at 100yds).Zero Set on Elevation turretReticle: FMA-1, FMA-2Model: D24V42FMA, D24V42FIMA D24V52FMA, D24V52FIMAFMA-1FMA-2FML-T1

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