Reticle: FMC-1, FMC-2, FMC-3Model: D8V24FML, D8V24FIML192019 March ScopesD8V24FML D8V24FIML Illuminated ModelTactical ModelLightweight and compact; ideal for rifles and shotguns.Large, easy to use elevation and windage turrets.Side focus dial lets you see the target clearly from 10 yards to Infinity at all power settings.Zero Set function on the elevation turret so you will never lose your zero setting.Superior light transmission and target recognition regardless of the shooting conditions. First Focal Plane (FFP) for consistency over the power range. Specialized reticles for fast target acquisition at any magnification. Tactical Model with Illuminated ReticleImprove your shot placement with an illuminated reticle. Two modules are available to meet your low light shooting needs. Both the Standard and Low illumination modules have four power settings for the shooter to choose the best option for the current condition.A new 6 level illumination switch module is now available with selectable brightness dial. See page 27.The illumination module comes with an automatic power off function to save battery life.Power modules available separately and can be easily installed at home.Adjustment0.1 MIL1 Click Adjustment: 0.1MIL (1cm at 100m)10 MIL turret revolution (100cm at 100m)Zero Set on Elevation turret1x-8x24mmD8V24FML (Tactical Turrets, MIL)D8V24FIML (Tactical Turrets, Illuminated, MIL)CompactFirst Focal Plane Reticle Scopes30mm Body8x Magnification Ratio

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