φ 6 MIL1/2 MILφ 6 MILφ 6 MILLILILILILIM50M50M50M5M01IL . . .φ 25 M5555φ 0.2 MIL0.25 MIL1/2 MIL1/4 MIL40 MIL20 MIL1/16 MIL1/8 MIL1 MIL0.5 MIL1/16 MIL1/8 MIL1 MIL1 MIL0.75 MIL2 MIL1.5 MIL200.15 MIL2019 March Scopes1015March-F is the ideal choice for:- Tactical Shooting- Three Gun Competition- Rifle and Shotgun- Hunting in the toughest conditions- Air Rifle competition and huntingFMC-3The March-F 1x-8x24mm Shorty is the world’s lightest and shortest scope with 8 magnification ratio. The length is only 212mm(8.4 inch) and the weight is only 485g(17.1oz) but at the same time the performance still remains the same as D8V24FIML.Easy to use for short and middle range shooters with an illuminated reticle, tactical turrets and 100yard fixed focus.This model will eclipse all other 1x-8x power scopes.FMC-1FMC-2Adjustment0.1 MIL1 Click Adjustment: 0.1MIL (1cm at 100m)10 MIL turret revolution (100cm at 100m)Zero Set on Elevation turretReticle: FMC-1, FMC-2, FMC-3Model: D8SV24FIMLReticles 1x-8x24mm ShortyD8SV24FIML (Tactical Turrets, Illuminated, MIL)

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