The March 5x-32x52mm and 10x-60x52mm scopes were designed from the ground up for serious long range shooting. But also can be used in many other disciplines because the 10 yards minimum focus distance makes these scopes ideal candidates for short range competitions such as Air Rifle Field Target, 22 Rimfire Benchrest and Centerfire Benchrest.The high quality ED lenses make target resolution a breeze, and when coupled with the optional Modifier Disk, makes shooting in high mirage conditions an easier proposition. Both Second Focal Plane (SFP) models are available in a range of reticles, including illuminated reticles, and with normal and tactical turrets.272019 March ScopesNormal ModelTactical ModelNormal DialD32V52LD60V52TIlluminated ModelTactical DialThe March is the ideal choice for:Adjustment1/8 MOA1 Click Adjustment: 1/8 MOA (0.130in at 100yds)10 MOA turret revolution (10.47in at 100yds).Elevation Travel: 60 MOAWindage Travel: 40 MOAZero Set on Tactical Trurets1/4 MOA adjustment turret is also available.- F Class competition- Medium, Long and Extreme Range Benchrest- Centrefire and Rim Fire Silhouette Matches- Tactical Shooting, Varmint Hunting- Air Rifle DisciplinesNormal ModelElevation and Windage turrets are protected by lightweight caps to prevent accidental change to the settings. Side turret adjusts focus from 10 yards to Infinity.Tactical Model Large, easy to use elevation and windage turrets.Side focus dial lets you see the target clearly from 10 yards to Infinity at all power settings.Zero Set function on the elevation turret so you will never lose your zero setting.Tactical Model with Illuminated ReticleImprove your shot placement with an illuminated reticle. Two modules are available to meet your low light shooting needs. Both the Standard and Low illumination modules have four power settings for the shooter to choose the best option for the current condition. A new 6 level illumination switch module is now available with selectable brightness dial. See page 27. The illumination module comes with an automatic power off function to save battery life.Power modules available separately and can be easily installed at home. March 5x-32x52mmD32V52L (Normal Turrets)D32V52LM (Normal Turrets)D32V52T (Tactical Turrets)D32V52TM (Tactical Turrets)D32V52TI (Tactical Turrets, Illuminated)Second Focal Plane Reticle Scopes52mm Objective Lens30mm Body6.5x & 6x Magnification RatioMarch 10x-60x52mmD60V52L (Normal Turrets)D60V52LM (Normal Turrets)D60V52T (Tactical Turrets)D60V52TM (Tactical Turrets)D60V52TI (Tactical Turrets, Illuminated)

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