2019 March Scopes2Suwa region is also a leading industrial district in Shinshu. In the late 1800s silk manufacturing industry flourished centering around Okaya. Rich natural environment including Tenryu River playing the role as a major transportation and with abundant labor forces, Suwa region was the suitable place not only for silk worm breeding but also for mechanized silk reeling. However the plan to attract enterprises was carried out to replace silk manufacturing industry since it declined after the Great Depression in the 1920s.After the World WarⅡ, precision machinery industry developed in place of silk manufacturing industry. Abundant supply of water and crisp clean air is adequate for precision machinery industry and many enterprises were born in the areas of watches, cameras and optical products etc. Suwa region is called “Switzerland of the Orient” on account of itʼs high degree of technology. Even at present industries in advanced technologies such as electric machines, general instrumentations, optical products cluster at Okaya city, Suwa city, Chino city and throughout Suwa region.

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