2019 March Scopes10MILat 4x32Compact4x Magnification Ratio100 yards Parallax FixedFlash Center Dot ReticleFD-1- Hunting in the toughest conditions- Air Rifle competition and hunting- Tactical Shooting- Three Gun Competition- Rifle and ShotgunFast Lever includedThe March Compact is the ideal choice for:March 1x-4x24mmD4V24IML (Normal Turrets, Illuminated, MIL)March 1x-4x24mm are suitable for short and middle range hunting with simple features. The 17.8 mm exit pupil at 1x enable the user to concentrate faster on the target. This scope is an excellent choice for short and middle range quarry, including moving targets. It is suitable for the harshest of environments.The FD-1 reticle has a bright dot even in daytime on the center of 3-Post with four power setting illumination module.Adjustment0.1 MIL1 Click Adjustment: 0.1 MIL (1cm at 100m)10 MIL turret revolution (100cm at 100m).Elevation Travel: 56 MILWindage Travel: 56 MILReticleFD-1 reticleCenter Dot Illuminated Reticlecompact

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