2-DB179-0 : 42mm models2-DB115-0 : 52mm models2-DB256-0 : 56mm models2019 March Scopes2-DB343-0 : 3.5” wheel2-DB402-0 : 4.5”wheel 4.5” Wheel Sunshade3"(75mm) Long HoodsObjective lens hood reduces stray light, flare and ghost images.37Middle Focus WheelTo help with fine or rapid focus changes at different distances, March scopes can be upgraded using a 49mm diameter Middle Focus Wheel. 2-DB340-0 : Fixed power, EP Zoom and non-illuminated models of 5x-32x, 10x-60x2-DB341-0 : non-illuminated models of 1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 5x-50x, 8x-80x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, 5x-40x, 10x-60x562-DB342-0 : Illuminated modelsLow Illumination Switch ModuleDA233-LDepending on where you shoot, the normal illumination switch may be too bright. March offers a Low Illumination Switch that operates at one fifth the intensity of the standard module.Large WheelShooting at very close ranges often requires very fine adjustment of the focus dial. March has produced a Large Wheel to fit over the Middle Focus wheel to enhance the dial's ability to focus clearly. A great addition to Air Rifle Field Target and other close range rifle disciplines.Six Level Illumination SwitchDA381-0The Six Level Illumination Switch lights up the reticle pattern for precision shooting in low light or night conditions. The shooter can choose from six levels of brightness to suit the conditions at the time. Rotating the knurled dial doubles the intensity with each increasing level while the rubber switch turns illumination on or off while maintaining the user-selected intensity level. To save batteries, the Illumination Switch will shut down after one hour of no use.MD DiskMD Disk helps to reduce the amount of light coming into a scope by up to 50%, depending on the conditions. This light reduction increases the scopes depth of field and, perhaps more importantly for competition shooters, reduces the amount of seen mirage. Using a MD Disk at 60 or 80 power gives you a competitive advantage when the conditions turn bad and lets you see the target better than your competitor.Weight : 0.25 oz / 7.1 gLarge DialsMarch offers two blank dials for shooters to create their own Ballistic Drop Compensator (BDC). These blank BDCs replace the existing elevation knob on your March scope and let you create your own elevation adjustments to suit your load. Make any changes to your load and replace the tape on the dial quickly and easily. The blank dials can also be used for air rifle field events in conjunction with the Large Wheel for added accuracy at short ranges. : 52mm objective models : 56mm objective models: 1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, 5x-40x: 5x-32x, 10x-60x, 5x-50x, 8x-80xDB062-0DB269-0 DB392-0 DB393-0DB392-0DB393-0Accessories

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