LC-24LC-42LC-52 LC-56Flip CapsThe March Flip Caps can be locked in a fully open position. Having the caps lay flat again the scope body prevents breakage and gives the shooter a better view of the target area from over the scope. FC-41 FC-33 FC-51 FC-60 FC-64Windage DialDB209-HThis Windage Dial reverses the standard dial on the scope so that now with this turret left wind is on the left, and right wind is on the right, allowing shooters to instinctively cope with quick wind changes.For Tactical windage dial of 5x-32x, 10x-60x, 5x-50x, and 8x-80x.Eyepiece RubberCan be attached to the screw on the eyepiece end face.Rubber ring protects face from scope.DB499-0: for all modelsHoneycomb HoodAnti reflective device (ARD)DB391-B : 42mm objective modelsDB391-C : 52mm objective modelsDB391-D : 56mm objective modelsHolding arm38Fast LeverDA411-B The Fast Lever helps move the eyepiece quickly and easily without the need to shift body or head positions. Ideal for rapid fire disciplines on targets at multiple ranges.Leather CapsMarch offers optional Leather Caps that not only protect your valuable new scope but also provides a traditional look to a modern piece of optical art.: 24mm objective models: 42mm objective models: 52mm objective models: 56mm objective models: Eyepiece of all models: 24mm objective models: 42mm objective models: 52mm objective models: 56mm objective modelsSmartphone AdapterDA367-0Use the Smart Phone Adapter to take photos through your March Rifle Scope. The adapter can be adjusted to suit most current Smart Phones. Do not use while shooting.WARNING: DO NOT SHOOT with the Smart Phone Adapter installed on yourMarch Rifle Scope. No warranty for any damage to your Smart Phone if the Smart Phone Adapter is used while shooting.If your Smartphone does not fit with the default setting due to lack of arm length, you can adjust by replacement of Holding arm. You can get +15mm by Holding arm B or +30mm by Holding arm C.Choose the one good for your Smartphone and replace.2019 March ScopesDA414-0 Holding arm BDA415-0 Holding arm C

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