2019 March Scopes39New Varmint for Score Grand Agg of 500-40x record in September 2013 at Vermont States Championship. Randy was using a 10x-60x52mm.Stuart won the World Cup held in Slovenia for the World Rimfire and Air Rifle association.In September 2017 at the Australian National Championships in Rimfire Hunter Annie took Gold medal and Stuart took silver medal.In November 2017 at the Australian National in Rimfire (RBA organisation) Stuart took Gold Medal in LG class and Annie took the silver medal.March scope wins at the World Benchrest Championships again. Charles Huckeba from Texas, USA won the Two Gun individual Gold Medal in Sydney Australia, 2013.2010 NBRSA 600 yards Overall Champion.Larry won at Shamrock, Weikert Memorial Match, East/West, IBS Nationals 3Gun, NBRSA 2, 3 4 Guns. He placed fifth at the Firearms Industry Super Shoot. Larry inducted into the Benchrest Hall of Fame as well. Larry uses 50x52mm fixed on all his rifles.Randy JarvaisStuart & Anne EliottCharles HuckebaLarry CostaDon NielsonAustralian Team won WBC102009 World Benchrest Shooting Championship Team Manager: Annie ElliottLeft to Right: Stuart Elliott, Brendan Atkinson, Craig Whittleton and Paul Sullivan.RecordsPrizes&

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