2019 March Scopes*Subject to rifle system / ammunition / environmental conditions GENESIS - An evolution of scope technology and design - the dawn of a new era for extreme long range shooting.The concept of Genesis was born late 2016 by a group of world championship winning shooters and operators to have a scope that could be used to shoot in excess of two miles without external influences. The chief engineers of DEON Optical Design took on the challenge and produced several prototype designs which were tested extensively on three continents. Eventually, together with the expertise of DEON, who have produced a truly ground breaking and evolutionary scope. The first of a kind design. A new beginning. A Genesis.The Genesis will extend the accuracy capability of modern rifles without the need for modifications including inclined rails, adjustable mounts, or prism systems. The Genesis ELR rifle scope offers up to 400 MOA of elevation, which will allow the shooter to shoot from 20 meters up to 3 miles*The Genesis uses first focal plane technology where the reticle is always true at any power. The unique design of this scope allows the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens producing clarity, definition, and minimal chromatic aberration as opposed to other scopes when extreme elevation is used, even on 400 MOA! Also incorporated into Genesis is the already proven and newly upgraded High Master lens system (by DEON) which utilises super ED Lens with high refractive glass which offers very high resolution and natural colour right to the edge of the image.

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