2019 March ScopesThe March GENESIS scope is no ordinary rifle scope. Traditional rifle scopes are designed and constructed with an internal assembly which moves the image of the reticle and field of view as the turrets are adjusted. For long range shooting, the FOV is shifted far enough off the centerline of the lenses that optical resolution is reduced. Unfortunately, it is at long ranges where the shooter needs the best clarity. Long range shooters often use MOA inclined rail below their scopes, not just to provide more elevation adjustment but to keep the reticle closer to the optical centerline of the lenses when sighted in at long range. In the GENESIS scope, the reticle remains fixed, so it is always optically centered within the internal lens as-sembly of the scope, thus maximizing optical clarity in all conditions. Imagine the GENESIS scope as a non-adjustable scope within a complex mounting system capable of adjusting the elevation of the scope 400MOA. The GENESIS turrets are external to the inner scope tube which pivots both horizontally and vertically on a complex gimbled system, and a pair of return springs insure that the “inner scope” is always held firmly against the turrets.To enhance the 400MOA range of the elevation turret, a 150MOA base is integrated into the GENESIS Picatinny mount, so instead of having 200MOA up and 200MOA down, the range shifts to 350MOA up and 50MOA down. This is designed to allow targeting out to three miles subject to rifle system, ammunition, and environmental conditions.

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